Art In Heart - A Poem By Robert O'Kruk

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art heartI was recently travelling through Pai, Thailand. A small beautiful and sleepy town in the north of Thailand blanketed by lush forests and greenery as far as the eye can see. Art In Chai a vibrant local cafe hosted a spoken word night where anyone was free to come share words, poetry, songs and anything creative. It was an awesome night with a really supportive audience. I wrote my second poem ever and I thought by sharing it here, someone, even just on person might enjoy it. So...I hope you enjoy! :)

Art In Heart - A Poem By Robert O'Kruk

Hello friends, and gather round
Hear my words, and their sounds

I've a tale to share, it's about the heart
My only question, is where to start

We all have one, it beats inside
Its arch enemy, the intelligent mind

Sometimes they're friends, they get along
Other times at odds, a broken bond

You can try your best, to bring them together
But tonight we discuss, to forget one forever

I say out with the mind, it has no place
I chose my heart, its love I'll embrace

I come from the west, where the brain is king
But our culture is stiff, we're afraid just to sing

I've travelled for long, had some time to see
Other cultures so beautiful, other ways we can be

They've taught me old things, and to feel with zest
Meditation for one, not just closed eye rest

Through turning our focus, from out to in
We start to see signs, a new path to begin

Ways to live life, not involving a desk
Leaving fear behind, and all else we detest

Wait you exclaim, logic I love it's so great
Deciding my choices, leave nothing to fate

I'll share one truth, it's hard to believe
When you follow your heart, you can learn to just be

You don't have to plan, there's no reason to worry
Rest and relax, life's not a a great hurry

Surrender your thoughts, feel passion flow through your veins
Direction appears, no more action in vain

This way of life, it's yours to have
It's not an ideal, not too far to grab

Now you want to know, how to live this way
I'm sorry to share, that you won't hear me say

This is the trick, the ultimate hack
Welcome to life, don't look back :)


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