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The Best Mindfulness Apps For a Healthy Mind

Mindfulness is a form of meditation or mental training that helps us to live in a state of awareness of our life experiences without judgment. The practice of mindfulness has a diverse set of benefits such as stress reduction, improved memory, heightened concentration and even improved physical health. In today’s complex and busy world our time is always consumed by something or other. We forget to set aside time for ourselves to connect with our life experiences and existence. Practicing mindfulness and mediation will equip you with the abilities to embrace the happiness and positive aspects of your life. If you’re like me, time is a valuable resource to be used as effectively as possible. Luckily with these meditation apps...

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How To Meditate - Beginners Breath Awareness Meditation Guide

Everyone can agree that feeling calm, having the ability to focus and being happy are things we all want to achieve. Not just temporarily but long term! In this article we will explain how to practice one of the most simple and enjoyable forms of meditation so that you too can achieve these states of mind. We'll walk you through an overview of meditation and then step by step on how you too can practice it :) So what is meditation? What Is Meditation - How Can It Benefit You? Meditation is an absolutely amazing tool and practice that we can use to calm our minds, improve our focus and become and be happier. There are many different ways to practice meditation,...

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