Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping - Worldwide shipping available! Tracked shipping is your best option to ensure your package does not get lost in the mail.


Return Policy - If you are unhappy with your mala piece, please send us an email and we will do everything we can to resolve it!


Lost Packages - Please choose “tracked shipping” at checkout to avoid lost packages!


Jewelry Care - Avoid contact with water especially with wooden beads, as they will hold their scent and colour longer. For your wooden, seed bead or knotted malas, do not submerge in water, or allow to get wet, as the scent and colour will fade more quickly, and the cord will get weaker. For your semi precious gemstone malas, use a lightly damp cloth to clean your beads as needed


Do You Offer Wholesale - Yes! Please email us at

Do You Offer Affiliate Programs - Yes! Please email us at


What materials are used? - We use many different species of wooden beads, semi precious gemstones, as well as larger crystals for your guru bead.


Will my jewelry look the same as the photo? Yes! Each piece is one of a kind. Your mala will look the same as the photo - once it is sold, it’s sold!


How Do I Choose Which Mala Is Right For Me? - Personally, I feel it is whatever you are drawn to most! I typically encourage people to look at the products first, see what they are drawn to, and then read the meaning behind it. Sometimes it will surprise you!


How Do I Use My Mala - You can use this mala for your daily meditation, and/or daily prayers.

Hold your mala with one hand, let it drape across your fingers so you can move it easily. Complete one full breath, and continue to do this for each bead until you reach your guru bead.