Custom Mala Bead Necklaces & Custom Mala Bracelets

Custom mala necklaces on wood table

Note: We are not building custom mala's at the moment. In the meantime please check out our collection of hand crafted mala's All Malas - :)

If you want to check out several of the custom mala's we have created. Please browse our Facebook album here. Click on image/s below to browse the full album:
Take your vision of the perfect mala necklace or bracelet and turn it into a beautiful reality through MALA FOREST. Create a unique and physical reminder of positive intentions.
The process is simple!
  1. Send us info based on the "Custom Mala Questions" below
  2. We'll work with you to design and plan your perfect mala
  3. We'll let you know how much it would cost and how long it will take to create
  4. Once you approve the design, we'll send you an email for you to pay
  5. We create your perfect mala and send it to you ASAP :)
How Much Do Custom Mala's Cost?
Typically they will range from $50-$150 CAD. Each mala is unique, the cost of materials and time needed to create your mala may vary. But no worries! We'll send you the cost before we move forward with creating it :)
By the way, all of our quotes are 100% free!
How Long Does It Take To Get My Custom Mala?
If we have the materials in stock to create your custom mala, it typically will take less than 1 week. If we need to find the materials you've requested it may take 1-3 weeks. After your mala is created it gets shipped. You can get more information about our shipping times here: MALA FOREST Shipping
Custom Mala Questions
  • What type, colour and size of beads (in mm) do you want to use? 
  • Do you want some form of pattern or customization to the beads?
  • What type, colour and size of meru bead or tassel do you want to use? (also commonly referred to "guru bead" or "charm", it's typically the focal point of your mala.
  • How long should your mala be? Or the diameter?
  • Do you have a material preference for the necklace string/cord? Specific colour or stretchiness requests?
  • Do you have photos of other mala's that have parts you like?

If you don't know the answers to some of the questions, don't sweat it! We're here to help and happy to provide recommendations :)

About Our Custom Mala's

  • High quality & handcrafted In London, Ontario, Canada
  • All materials we use aim to be of outstanding quality and as responsibly sourced as possible
  • 100% of the proceeds go towards our cause. Learn more: About MALA FOREST 
  • The materials we use to ship your mala are made from 100% recycled materials and are completely biodegradeable as well

How To Order Your Custom Mala

Are quotes are 100% free!

Contact us at or use our Contact Form to get an estimate on the cost and how long it will take us to create your custom mala :)