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Over the last 2 weeks or so I've been having some pretty profound observations about my perception of things outside of me. Let me explain...

It started with two days where I just had this strong feeling that everyone was not separate from me, that we were all one. This applied to nature and even inanimate objects. I felt like I was connected to everything and this was very beautiful. When you feel like everything and everyone is an extension of yourself, it leaves only one way to treat them, and that is with love.

When I refer to myself, I don't mean "Robert O'Kruk", I mean the self that exists within each and every one of us, the self behind our egos. The real I.

You love yourself right? When you feel like everything outside of you is an extension of yourself and you love yourself it turns our day to day flow through life into a very pleasant experience.

It reminded me of an amazing women named Annie that I met while completing a yoga teacher training in India. She legitimately loved every single person she met (or had yet to meet!). Even strangers and those who might have not been the nicest to her. At the time it really blew my mind. You can truly love someone you don't even know? Wow...I wish that was how I felt too. It's one thing to hear someone say this, but another to watch them effortlessly feel it. It was inspiring.

I feel blessed because I have tasted a glimpse of what this feels like, to have this unconditional love for everyone is so powerful.

One example of how this manifested in my actions was through a daily walk I had been taking. After practicing yoga and leaving the studio, there was always a man waiting along the exit path asking people if they wanted a cab ride. Day in and day out he was here, and most days I would avoid his eyes, perhaps mumbling no thank you or even ignoring his question. As if treating him as he did not deserve a response or my attention.

Once I started to experience the feeling detailed above it changed these daily interactions. Instead of the passing by being an annoyance or making me feel awkward, I was able to feel compassion, after all we are one in the same, not separate people. I was able to meet his gaze and kindly remark no thank you each day, to really see him as an equal being, and to treat him like one. A small example but at least significant to me.

The feeling has faded slightly, but its undertone is there, and the path to reigniting the intensity in which I feel it is available to me.

This feeling has helped me observe my judgemental nature in regards to others. Every negative judgement cast upon others is truly a reflection of myself, not of them. There is absolutely no value in judging people, it is a waste of our energy that can bring no value to us. Catching these judgements and observing why we cast them brings power to divert this energy to love instead of judgement.

I feel humbled to have gone through this experience. I look forward to continuing to develop my self love that will help me feel this way strongly as often as possible. For me this is through living each day with as much intention as possible. Bringing awareness and intention to every action, making every action an opportunity for self love.

From my self, I, and you. Also from someone named Robert O'Kruk


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