The MALA FOREST Plant a Seed - Yoga & Meditation Experience Program

small green plant growing from seed out of rocks

We're on a mission to inspire 1,000 new people to experience yoga and meditation for the first time! Sound like something you're interested in supporting? Great! We need your help :)

We're offering $30 CAD for yoga and meditation teachers to offer a free yoga or meditation class to people in their communities who have never experienced one of these practices before!

***Note*** - This program is just one way we're supporting people making yoga and meditation accessible. If you have another idea that is in a different format or requires more funding we are open to hearing your ideas and supporting you.

We've seen the way yoga and meditation can transform people to be happier and take better care of themselves, others and our planet. So we're doing our part to help plant the seed that helps people start their own journey with yoga and meditation. You can learn more about our philosophy here: About MALA FOREST

How To Get Started! Earn $30 To Teach a Class :)

Yoga teacher in class

Fill out our questionnaire so we can learn a bit more about you and why you're interested in our program. For the most part, as funds become available to support this program, we work through our list of interested and qualified teachers in a first come, first served kind of way.

Complete The Questionnaire


Pay It Forward

The following points are guidelines for the class that help ensure it aligns with our mission and is a sustainable program we can continue to offer to many more people in the future :)

The guidelines

    • The class needs to be offered to your community at absolutely no charge to participate or use any equipment
    • The class should be shared or promoted in a way that clearly mentions that it's for people who have never practiced before
    • The class needs to be a minimum of 1 hour and ideally longer. We want people to have some time to relax and not be rushed
    • Sometime during the class, we'd like you to share why the class is being offered for free (this page describes why)
    • Sometime during the class we'd like you to share why you believe yoga and meditation can be life changing. We want inspire people to pursue their own path with these practices
    • At the end of the class, we want you to share information with your students about how they can continue their practice at no charge, and if you have sincere recommendations about paid opportunities then this is fine to share as well. But at least some free options is important! We want people to have a clear next step. If there are no free in person opportunities in your community, simply sharing information about free online resources is fine
    • You're eligible to receive $3 CAD per student that attends your class. Up to a maximum of $30 CAD. If you have the space for more than 10 students, we would love that!
    • You'll need to find your own space to host the class
    • At the end of the class we would appreciate if you mentioned that your students are able to make a donation to MALA FOREST via cash to the teacher. 100% of this money is put back into this program to help share the experience of yoga and meditation with others. It's important to present this donation opportunity in a very non pressuring way. We only want people to donate if they got true value from the class and genuinely want to pay it forward. We don't want anyone to feel guilty for not donating, after all this is a free class
    • Take a picture with your students at the end of the class and share it with us 
    • (Optional) We'd love to hear your thoughts about the entire experience. If you are interested in writing about the experience, we would be happy to share it on our blog and with our community

Have an idea or want to do things a little differently? Reach out to us and let us know what you're thinking: Contact Us

Know someone who might be interested in doing this? PLEASE share it with them! :D