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MALA FOREST is a not for profit community that exists to change the world through educating, inspiring and inviting people to practice yoga and meditation.

100% of our proceeds go towards our:  The MALA FOREST Plant a Seed - Yoga & Meditation Experience Program

When MALA FOREST was started, our focus was on raising money for tree planting efforts that helped local communities in need battle poverty. You can read our original mission statement here: Original MALA FOREST Mission - This mission was active untill October 13th 2017. 

More than a year went on supporting this amazing cause and through that time came a lot of experience and exposure to all sorts of information. We really had the opportunity to learn more about deforestation and poverty around the world. Both being extremely complex challenges, we believe there’s no singular cause to either of them. While reflecting about how MALA FOREST plays its part to overcome these challenges, we really explored the topic of treating the cause compared to treating the symptoms.

With this in mind we realized that our efforts coming from a noble place might have been addressing the symptoms of deforestation and poverty rather than the cause.

We got thinking about the underlying theme of all of our efforts which can basically be summed up as: How do we truly make the world a better place? How do we fundamentally inspire the change needed in people so that their actions improve the world? We can plant a tree for every tree that is cut down, but how do we actually stop the trees from being cut down?

We know you can’t change people, but we also know that you can inspire and invite people to change. How could we inspire and invite people to be conscious of their choices, to have a relationship with their environmental impact and understand how their lifestyle plays a role in our planet?

We needed a one size fits all solution. One that truly helps people to become stewards of our earth. We found two…

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Yoga & meditation. So very simple. But you might be wondering how making funny shapes with your body and sitting quietly is going to change the world. If you have a frequent practice or even just some experience with either, then you might already know the answer, but if you don’t, let us explain our line of thinking.

Yoga and meditation are commonly seen as a forms of exercise, one for the body and one for the mind. While they can be these things they can also be so much more! The common thread between them is how they transform people. Both of these ancient practices are extremely effective at cultivating focus and turning our awareness within. They promote observation of our emotions and our actions. It’s easy to run hastily into a convenience store and buy a soda in a plastic bottle. How many times have you done something like this quickly without thinking about any of the implications? We’ve all learnt from a young age, to think before we act. We all know how the opposite can go.

When you strengthen your focus and awareness, it extends into the choices you make. We begin to make more responsible and sustainable choices. We think before we act.

We believe yoga and meditation cultivates people that are going to treat the cause of the suffering on our planet, not the symptom. We’re saving the forests, the earth and the people on it in the way we know how. Join us in making the world and its people as vibrantly healthy and happy as we can.

With love. The MALA FOREST team :)

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