About Us

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MALA FOREST is a movement dedicated to making the world a better place through tree planting. Our planet is beautiful, but there's a lot of people on it who live very hard lives. 

Tree planting, also called reforestation helps to improve soil quality and provide additional oxygen to the area the trees are located in. This can have a massively positive effect on local ecosystems and populations. Forest ecosystems can:
  • Provide healthy environments for livestock
  • Provide food for both people and animals
  • Provide wood for fuel
  • Permanent and seasonal employment 
To raise money for tree planting we sell mala's. Learn more about mala's here. Mala's are worn around the world with different people wearing them for different reasons. Almost universally however, they are commonly used as physical reminders of positive intentions

What We Do With Our Proceeds

100% of our proceeds are donated to Trees for the Future a 501 (c) federally registered public charity. We chose Trees for the Future because of their tremendous efforts towards global poverty relief through tree planting. In addition they've received a 90.82/100 score from Charity Navigator, an independent 3rd party organization responsible for scoring charities based on the following crucial criteria:

  • Financial Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Organization Transparency

Planting Trees, Changing Lives

Above is their singular goal, and you can bet we're 110% behind them. Below is their founder Dave Deppner talking about the organization. Watch the video to learn more about them!

Get Involved

Visit our Get Involved page to learn more about how you can join and contribute to the MALA FOREST community.